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Download Ed Sheeran's Divide➗ World Tour Live in Dunedin, New Zealand Full Video (Day 1) MP4

  March 29, 2018
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Hey guys, before y'all begin to watch this insane 103, almost 104 minutes video, pls LIKE (let's make it to at least 1000, if possible) as it really means a lot to me due to I recorded this entire video without resting my hands just to let y'all to experience yourselves LIKE you were there. LIKE and SUBSCRIBE (if you were really enjoying it) and if you were new. It starts with Ed Sheeran's walking towards and onto the stage, until the second last song (which I thought it was the last, which he had said, but due to I think the passionate support from the fans (including me), he decided to do another, which I will upload it next after this insane long video. I really appreciate your support. Again, if you very much enjoyed this long video, pls LIKE, SHARE (so that more people will know) and SUBSCRIBE as well, it really means lot to me like giving me the motivation to do again in the future. Thanks guys. Cheers.🍾

P.S. I'm truly sorry for some shaky moments and blurry vision sometimes (due to I was super excited by jumping up and down, too hyped) yet still very much hope you guys enjoying it and also sorry for my loosened voice at the background cuz I literally scream at the top of my lungs and ran out of my voice. I also didn't edit the video or decorated it with any animations or other edits, I just remained it original. I'll reply back any comments you guys had. Cheers again.

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