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Download Pakistan - Jemima Khan interview - 1997 (4.12 MB)

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Pakistan - Jemima Khan interview - 1997




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Imran Khan's wife, Jemima, has criticised his political opponents for
mudslinging, saying "all sorts of nonsense is written in the newspapers".




Exterior shot of Nasim Rahman Tuzain's house, where interview took place
Jemima answering question about difficulties facing herself and her husband as a result of his being a politician: "Well sacrifices have to be made in this job. Imran got to see his child for a two days after it was born, and then not again until he was six weeks old. But I hope those sacrifices will be worth it.
As for the mudslinging, I think you have that in politics all over the world. the only problem in Pakistan is that there's no accountability so it's very difficult to defend oneself. it's difficult to take to court for libel, for example. So all sorts of nonsense is written in the newspapers, and unlike in other countries where there's a better system of justice, you are unable to counteract those. You know, it's difficult, you can't fight back."
Cutaway of statue and clock in same room
Jemima answering question as to whether she wants Imran to continue in
politics if his party does not win in the election;
Jemima SOT: "Absolutely, I feel very strongly, actually. There's been such short notice with these elections. Frankly, as far as I'm concerned anyway, it's a miracle that they've managed to put together a party in what is it? Three months? They've had to field candidates and if they get one seat even, it's a miracle, even one seat.
Having said that, I hope they will be very successful, but if they're not, then the next time, Inshallah (God willing); and in any case, it's not so much a political party as such, it's a movement. Even if they're not in power, they're still striving to fight against the system and provide some sort of buffer against the corruption and to provide some kind of justice for people. It started off as a movement, so his job is not over even if they don't have total success in these elections."
Cutaway of statue above clock
Jemima answering question about the main issues in the election. SOT Jemima: "I think that thanks to Therik Insaf the main issue has been corruption, actually. I think that's what we've seen. I think they've raised the issue, and then it's been taken up as a slogan by all the other parties. Now corruption is the key word. But there's also other issues, I mean. The poor people here. My sister-in-laws and I have been meeting with people, doing the door-to-door canvassing, and the real issue for them is they can't buy athar, is athar flour? They can't buy athar, they haven't the means for sustenance for their children, for themselves, so it is all linked to corruption, but for them it is
much more directly that they can't even afford to feed themselves."

Jemima arriving to address women's convention;
women clapping;
Jemima walking through crowd of women;
woman embracing Jemima;
Jemima sitting at women's convention arranging her head veil;
WS of other women attending the convention;
Jemima addressing the convention in Urdu

Jemima answering questions about allegations against Imran claiming that he is being funded by Jemima's millionaire father. SOT Jemima: "It's totally untrue and it's totally unfair. Imran's a very proud man and he would never accept one penny from my father, whether it be for his personal use or for his party, or for any other use for that matter. He's a very very proud man, and I can honestly say that he's never accepted even a penny since I got married to him, and nor would my father offer because he recognizes that Imran is a dignified man and would not want to offer him his financial support."
car drives off

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